Van Sales

With ACS Consultancy Van Sales, you can say goodbye to time-consuming manual data consolidation and hello to a straightforward, error-free solution. At any one time, Van Sales gives you real-time visibility into billing and van stock.

With up-to-date synchronisation with the back office, Van Sales allows you to enjoy hassle-free stock and sales order settlement. Pre-planned journeys might help you be more productive.Every day, the world of sales and distribution becomes more complicated. The challenge of stock management of transit products is becoming increasingly difficult as demand grows and product variety broadens.Furthermore, the remote billing option reduces reliance on paperwork.

With our Van Sales Management feature, you can now plan and execute inventory on the move, allowing you to stock up and produce an invoice for the products in the van with a single click. You may now have all the facts at the tip of your fingers, from dispatch to remote bill creation through to delivery.

You can simply pass on all critical information to everyone involved in the sales channel with Van Sales Management, avoiding any information gaps.

key Benefits

  • Using customer information from printed invoices, track and record all sales and delivery transactions, including date, time, salesperson and vehicle, and location.
  • Lower the number of transaction mistakes.
  • Save money on administration.
  • Keep track of payments made by drivers.
  • Decrease the number of returns.
  • A delivery receipt.
  • More accurate management data.

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