Document Tracking

Share, manage, approve, protect, and encrypt digital documents through new and innovative ways. With changing times comes a need to change your approach.

ACS’s Document Tracking application is an information management tool that integrates documents into a company’s business operations and allows for seamless document collaboration.

The document management software (DMS) allows for the fast installation and change of workflows without disrupting existing operations, lowering operating costs. Document tracking and search are made simple and rapid in an integrated work environment. Flexible document processes enable your firm to adapt to future changes.

Knowing where essential papers are kept may help insurance companies, legal firms, government agencies, enterprises, and many others. Making it simple to track when and where goods are moved is the challenge. Employees, places, and material objects are identified using barcodes in our Document Tracking System, which keeps expenses low while maintaining excellent accuracy. The user can scan the employee or location barcode before assigning each document’s barcode. With a comprehensive chain of custody data obtainable, documents may be promptly discovered. Simple, effective, and easy to put into practise!

ACS’s Document Tracking System can rapidly and conveniently trace the whereabouts of your papers and material objects!

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